Business Services

MCTC is proud to be your business partner. We recognize that our success is a direct result of our partnership with you and we are committed to helping you grow your business.

Cable Television

Cable TV, just got a whole lot better, giving you more entertainment choices than ever. We provide the best of cable television with lots of choices, High-Def channels, quality, and local dependable service.

High-Speed Internet

Experience a fast and reliable internet connection with dependable local service and support.


We are excited to roll out our IPTV services!  With IPTV you get incredible picture quality, easy to use channel guide, local weather at your finger tips, and all the channels you have come to love!  (Limited availability by area)

Long Distance Rates

When it comes to your long distance service, you deserve personalized service that is unsurpassed. We believe in the value of local service... of combining world-class technology with the kind of quick response and simplified billing that only a local company can provide.


Call anywhere in the U.S. and the world knowing you have one of the clearest and most reliable connections available with our home phone service.